A wide range of accessories and options are available for our sampling solutions.

Extensible stand for HP5 Probe

101 102 2500
This support greatly helps to manage the HP5 probe during the insertion and extraction operation, especially when the condensing glass ware is fixed on the back of the probe. When fully closed, the support is about 1 mt tall and can be fully extended to 1.6 meters. The probe can be secured to the support head and two knobs with screws lock the support in position while on the bottom of the support there is a flat base granting stability even on grill floors.
A practical handling easy the transport and liftto the sampling point.

Dado lab Companion App

101 101 5001
The Dado lab App for Android is a stand alone free application for nozzle and flowrate calculation or can work in combination with the ST5/ST5 Evo automatic isokinetic samplers allowing to mirror the display on your smartphone, program stack libraries or Pitot constants, download and send data directly in the laboratory.
To work with the Dado lab Companion App, the ST5/ST5 Evo requires the Comm activation option to allow the wireless communication with the app. It’s also available the Comm activation with smartphone included (p/n 101 101 5002).

Digital Inclinometer

101 110 3001
The EN16911 and EPA M1/M2 standards requires the evaluation of the Pitot tube inclination respect to the flue gas direction. This condition must be evaluated in order to assess the sampling operation validity.
The digital inclinometer can be fixed on the back of the HP5 hub and indicates the rotation angle of the probe. It’s supplied with rechargeable batteries and fixing bracket.

Ice Machine

101 103 2100
Run out of ice during the stack sampling can be really annoying, especially when particular condensing conditions must be satisfied (heavy metals etc). In case no other solution is available, the ice machine is the last resort, just fill it with water and turn it on when you start the operation on the sampling point and you will have fresh ice always available in case of emergency. Other characteristics:
- 12 kgs of ice in 24 hrs
- Few ice cubes ready in 10 minutes
- Water reservoir of 2,4 liters
- Dimensions : 24,2x35,8x32,8
- Weight : 9,2 kgs

1 lt. Silica Gel trap

101 110 4003
Specifically designed to hold silica gel crystals or charcoal tube powder, those traps are realized in rugged polycarbonate and polyethilene. To easy the filling of the trap, Dado lab eliminated the tube entering inside the material. Protection from dust and crystals is granted by a PUF disc. tube to be inserted inside.
The trap is available also with 100cc volume (p/n 101 110 4002)

PVDF Ball Valve

101 102 1203
Those valves become very useful to close the sampling line when realizing side sampling configuration, especially with Dado lab QB1 sampling pumps which has an internal line loop and can work even with the valve fully closed.
Made in robust PVDF, a polymer with almost the same chemical characteristics of PTFE, the valve can resist up to 200°C and offer an excellent chemical resistance to inorganic aggressive compounds but not to organic solvents.

Monorail and trolley for HP5

101 102 1150
To safely manage heated probes equipped with complex condensation devices, like side sampling trains or PCDD condensing system, Dado lab designed and realized a practical monorail with trolley which is fixed between the stack port flange and our slide and lock device.
This option becomes particularly useful when the sampling point has very small surfaces and the tail of the probe, and all the condensing glassware, is outside the banister.
For long probes (more than 1.5 meters), a support steel chain, securing the monorail to the stack structure, can be used to increase its bracing capability.

Afnor plate w/ 2" port and handles

101 102 1151
Built in robust stainless steel, the Afnor plate allows the coupling with the Dado lab slide and lock device with rectangular ports having dimensions 459x160mm (HxW), as specified inthe EN15259 - Annex A.
The plate comes with a 8 fixing holes, two handles to easily manage it and a second 2” stack port to allow the use of a second line dedicated to gases sampling or real-time monitors.

2-ways Heating controller

101 104 1001
This device allows to control the temperature of heated devices such as the Dado lab HP5 probe and hub, or the thermoregulated version of the HP1 probe.
The 2-ways heating controller requires the connecting cables to operate:
101 104 2001 Cable for HP5 probe/hub L=5mts
101 104 2002 Cable for HP5 probe/hub L=10mts
101 105 1104 Cable for HP1 tube/filter L=5mts
101 105 1105 Cable for HP1 tube/filter L=10mts

Class G1.6 Laboratory DGM

300 101 1001
Class G1.6 DGMsfor laboratory use supplied with inlet/outlet hosebarbs for direct connection with the samplers.
The DGM is available also as Class G4 version
300 101 1001 Class G4 DGM for laboratory
200 101 1003 DGM certification on 5 points

500cc Glass impingers

101 103 2010 500cc Free tube Impinger
101 103 2011 500cc Plate Impinger
101 103 2012 GL25/GL18 elbow connector
101 103 2013 90° Outlet gas connector

Polycarbonate impingers

101 103 2017 500cc Polycarbonate Impinger
101 103 2020 Pack of 5 porous septum

Impingers for NOx/SOx

101 103 2016 Type “A” Impinger

250cc Impingers for Side Sampling

101 103 2014 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger w/schott
101 103 2015 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger
101 103 2018 250cc free tube Polycarbonate impinger
101 103 2019 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger w/frit
101 103 2025 250 cc PTFE Impinger (TRS sampling)
101 103 2026 250 cc PE Impinger (Fluorides sampling)

Side Sampling glassware kit

1101 103 2010 n° 1 Mousse and support for 3+3 impingers
n° 3 500cc free tube impinger
n° 1 GL25/GL18 90° Elbow connector
n° 1 Outlet gas 90° Elbow connector
n° 3 250 cc Side Sampling Impinger
n° 1 Outlet T connector w/ temp sensor inlet
n° 1 PVDF Ball valve for derived line
n° 1 Type K thermocouple for Outlet T fitting
Dado lab was estabilished in 2013 by a team of people with many years of knowledge, experience and know-how in monitoring and sampling equipment for both environmental and stack emission applications.

Dado Lab Srl

Via Pellizza da Volpedo 101A,
20092 Cinisello B. (MI)
tel. +39 02 36569420
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

R.E.A. MI n°2062810
Capitale Sociale € 50.000,00 I.V.
P.IVA 08356080963

Dadolab nasce nel 2013 da un team specializzato da anni nella costruzione di apparecchiature di monitoraggio e campionamento degli inquinanti in ambiente e in emissione.

Dado Lab Srl

Via Pellizza da Volpedo 101A,
20092 Cinisello B. (MI)
tel. +39 02 36569420
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

R.E.A. MI n°2062810
Capitale Sociale € 50.000,00 I.V.
P.IVA 08356080963

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